For those who have followed this blog, you may find that there is something missing here that you wish to read. Posts from 2012 and 2013 (the few from 2014 as well) have been temporarily removed to be evaluated for possible use elsewhere. They will be re-posted sometime in the next few months.

In the meantime, if you need a post for citation or discussion, posting request comments and I will try to either send you a link or a copy of the post. I have been just as pleased for the requests for copies of posts to use as targets of attack in archives classes as I have been for those who used them in an, er, “kinder” fashion. I like to know that they are discussed and encourage classes to post the comments on this blog as well. Same goes for any who have cited my opinions, if they receive feedback. (Profanity will not allowed. Ad Hominum attacks will not be tolerated against others, and will only be accepted for posting when aimed at me on a case-b-case basis.) )
Do to other commitments The Heretic posted at a slower rate once he returned to blogging in 2012. The frequency has been roughly monthly, with a few extras, so somewhere around 27 posts from about 2 years have been pulled. I expect to return to more regular posting before the end of 2014, at which time my time commitments should change considerably. I should have reasonably frequent posts in the meantime, and the older ones will return bit by bit. (Caveat: Posts used in other projects may be held longer.)

The Heretic